Our Services


Starstruck Design is a one-stop marketing and communications shop in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts offering a complete range of services to future-minded businesses across the country. We can handle just about anything (working on our own, or in collaboration with colleagues). The project could be a simple WordPress or Joomla! website or a full blown e-commerce site. It may be an HTML email newsletter or campaign. It could be a logo, a one-page flyer, a brochure to promote a product or service, or a complete range of print materials.

Let’s say you’ve got a product but need a marketing boost to bring the customers to your door (or website). Or you’ve got a specific marketing project in mind but the job is too staff-intensive or too time-intensive to produce in house. Or perhaps you’ve got a marketing program already in place but would like to take it to the next level. That’s where we come in.

Why Starstruck? No, we don’t go ga-ga over celebrities (quite the opposite, in fact). The name comes from Star Island, a tiny little spot of land that’s part of the Isles of Shoals, ten miles off Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Lynn and Don were married in the chapel there, so it holds a special place in our hearts. And when we started the business in 1999, the name seemed to fit.